Image of Robot Envy 1 - Specialty Art Booklet

Robot Envy 1 - Specialty Art Booklet


Robots are so freakin’ cool, they deserve their own book. So I made one. Robot Envy is not just another book of robots; it is a specialty art booklet—packaged like no other.

Robot Envy is a limited-edition booklet with a very low print run. They are selling fast and quantities are limited, so order your copy now before these robots disappear forever!

Robot Envy Book Features:

- 3.5″ x 5″ with a unique package design
- 3 Color Offset-Printed Chipboard Cover
- 32 Black & White Interior Pages
- 80+ original robot designs, sketches and drawings
- Sticker Sheet
- Postcard
- a super cool belly band to hold it all together
- and packaged up all sexy!

ONLY $15.00 + FREE shipping in the US! International orders determined by location.